More UK photos

Photo: Madie Ramser Photo: Philippa Thomas Photo: Philippa Thomas Photo: Liz Hemmings Photo: The Manc Photographer


UK Release

10 days till our ALBUM “THE VERONICAS” is out in the UK! We can’t wait for all of the world to have it! Our song “If you love someone” was just released! You can check it out here: http://smarturl.it/IYLSiTunes Photo: Madie Ramser  


Official Merch

Our OFFICIAL MERCH STORE is online with all of our SANCTIFIED TOUR merch available worldwide! http://bit.ly/VeronicasMerch  

UK Tour Support…Badflower

We’re bringing USA band Badflower to support us on our UK SANCTIFIED TOUR next month! TICKETS ON SALE NOW: http://bit.ly/SanctifiedTourUK


Our album is officially Platinum in Australia!!You Ruin Me hit 3 X platinum & If you love someone has also hit Platinum!! Never let ANYONE stop you from believing in yourself, and your dreams. Thank you for believing in us and our music X

UK… You’re Next.

Last night was the end of our AUSTRALIAN #SanctifiedTour Thanks Australia for the best welcome home!All the lovers that came out and partied with us, we made memories we’ll never forget. UK you’re next! Photo: James Kilian Photo

Sea Shepherd

Today we had our first Tour of SEA SHEPHERD’S The MV Steve Irwin ship, & it was the most mind-blowing life experience!! Without any Australian Government financial aid, & depending mostly on donations & Public support-these guys risk their lives against illegal Marine activity everyday! Truly compassionate souls who are fearless! FOR THE OCEANS!


The Veronicas

Sanctified 3:26 Did You Miss Me (I’m a Veronica) 2:45 Cruel 3:42 Line of Fire 3:05 Teenage Millionaire 3:24 Born Bob Dylan 3:36 Always 3:09 Mad Love 3:29 You Ruin Me 3:50 More Like Me 3:39 If You Love Someone 2:59 Cold 3:54 Let Me Out 4:44 You and Me 3:35


Revenge Is Sweeter Tour

Take Me On The Floor [Live] 4:38 Everything [Live] 3:32 Popular [Live] 3:01 Mouth Shut [Live] 3:40 Revolution [Live] 4:14 Revenge Is Sweeter [Than You Ever Were] [Live] 3:39 Secret [Live] 3:19 Mother Mother [Live] 3:34 Hook Me Up [Live] 3:19 This Love [Live] 3:27 Heavily Broken [Live] 5:04 4ever [Live] 5:56 Everything I’m Not [Live] (Amended Album Version) 3:51 …


Untouched – Lost Tracks EP

Untouched (Album Version) 4:14 Untouched [Unplugged] 3:39 Hollywood (Non-Album Track) 3:46 Insomnia (Non-Album Track) 3:29 Everything (Non-Album Track) 3:20


Everything I’m Not [DJ Version]

Everything I’m Not (Jason Nevins Extended Mix) 6:12 Everything I’m Not (Jason Nevins Electromagnetic Dub) 6:14 Everything I’m Not [Claude le Gache Club Mix] 7:09 Everything I’m Not [Eddie Baez Mix] 8:58


This Love

This Love (Album Version) 2:59 Don’t Say Goodbye [Featuring Tania Doko] (Non-Album Track) 2:54 Untouched [Listen Deep Remix] 4:32


Hook Me Up

Untouched 4:14 Hook Me Up 2:56 This Is How It Feels 4:12 This Love 2:59 I Can’t Stay Away 3:26 Take Me On The Floor 3:30 I Don’t Wanna Wait 2:59 Popular 2:42 Revenge Is Sweeter [Than You Ever Were] 3:42 Someone Wake Me Up 3:33 All I Have 3:12 In Another Life 3:47


Hook Me Up – EP

Hook Me Up (Album Version) 2:56 Everything (Non-Album Track) 3:20 Insomnia (Non-Album Track) 3:29


Exposed…The Secret Life Of The Veronicas

4ever [Live In Australia – 2006 Revolution Tour] 5:28 Everything I’m Not [Live In Australia – 2006 Revolution Tour] 3:39 When It All Falls Apart [Live In Australia – 2006 Revolution Tour] 3:18 Revolution [Live In Australia – 2006 Revolution Tour] 3:06 Leave Me Alone [Live In Australia – 2006 Revolution Tour] 3:57 Heavily Broken [Live In Australia – 2006 …



Revolution (Album Version) 3:06 When It All Falls Apart (Lost In Space Remix) 4:56 Revolution (Live Version) 3:03


Everything I’m Not (DMD Maxi)

Everything I’m Not [Jason Nevins Remix Edit] 3:32 Everything I’m Not (Claude le Gache Edit) 3:59 Everything I’m Not (Claude le Gache Mixshow) 6:03


The Secret Life Of…

4ever (Album Version) 3:31 Everything I’m Not (Album Version) 3:23 When It All Falls Apart (Album Version) 3:14 Revolution (Album Version) 3:06 Secret (Album Version) 3:33 Mouth Shut (Album Version) 3:38 Leave Me Alone (Album Version) 3:29 Speechless (Album Version) 3:56 Heavily Broken (Album Version) 4:16 I Could Get Used To This (Album Version) 3:15 Nobody Wins (Album Version) 3:51 …